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BLUE SKIES UNLIMITED LLC is a leading construction and earth-moving equipment manufacturer and supplier. We are best known for our excavation equipment, road development machines and compact construction equipment, articulated haulers and wheel loaders. As a total solution provider, we also offer our construction heavy equipment for rental and lease purposes nationwide. We cover the complete spectrum of heavy equipment solutions around the construction industry. We design and develop turnkey products after in-depth market research on the latest trends with state-of-the-art technology. And to make sure the quality of our offerings is optimum, we conduct comprehensive quality testing during each production stage. To simplify the groundwork for the building sector, we provide nationally produced, top-notch, and adaptable solutions.

You can always rely on us and our wide range of products and services to complete the task efficiently, no matter what tool you need to accomplish your construction-related goal. In an effort to boost efficiency and take into account the many ways in which people perform their duties, we work hard with an increased understanding of the safety concerns that are of significant at construction sites. We have in stock a wide range of construction heavy equipment, including excavators, articulated haulers, wheel loaders, soil compactors, pavers, pipelayers, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, motor graders, dozers, forklifts, cranes, tractors, dumper tippers, transit mixers, concrete batching plants, cranes, dumpers, hydra, forklifts, transit mixers, crawlers, trailers, generators, skidders, body trucks, etc. Our equipment is user-friendly and easy to use and operators feel safe and comfortable while manning it.

We can’t grow without our clients moving forward and, so we aim high to enable our customers to find the best return on investment. We provide them full support from day one through the whole buyer journey. We provide consumers with cutting-edge, dependable, and best-in-class equipment and support solutions. The equipment complies with all quality standards and has been developed to provide solutions uniquely suited for American conditions. The extensive selection of equipment the company offers guarantees that the customer has exactly the right equipment for their needs, which is the first step in the company's ability to give dependable solutions. We continue to look at new ways to broaden our market and modernize our company practices. We actively contribute to society's prosperity and sustainable development in order to lessen our impact on the environment and our use of resources, always keeping the health, safety, and happiness of people at the forefront of everything we do. We make a lot of effort to elevate the quality standard and meet emerging market demands.

We are aware of how crucial it is for you to have a product that not only continues to function throughout the day but also continues to do so for a long time. Our devices are designed and tested to withstand the most demanding circumstances because of this. As we produce all of our goods in-house, we have complete control over the quality of every component, including our renowned line of custom-built tools and equipment. By doing this, we can guarantee that you'll have the ideal balance between high production and low total cost of ownership. That’s the reason precisely why we drive innovation. We realize what a difference this makes to your business, therefore our attentive aftermarket team is constantly at your disposal and devoted to keeping you up and running without exorbitant delays.

We must operate sustainably if we want to have a sound future. It applies to the entire globe as well as our business. To succeed, we try to go beyond the narrow perspectives of today's economy and concentrate on what is sustainable over the long term. This is important not just for the environment, but also because it will help us achieve a more prosperous, fair, and environmentally sound future. We firmly believe in the value of employing imagination and creativity to fully re-imagine what our goods and services may be in addition to continuously improving the quality, safety, performance, and efficiency of our equipment. In our idealistic world, there is no room for stops, no accidents, and no pollution from the workplace.

Our objective has always been to do more than just fulfill your equipment requirements and help your organization succeed. Thus, we are always enhancing our quality and services in addition to growing our product ranges and dealer network. We are aware that your success is crucial to ours. Thus we continually strive our best to keep pushing you further. A first-class enterprise, an excellent workplace and social contributions have always been the company's goals. We work on achieving a stable, sustainable society. We have truly ushered in a new age of technical excellence with our outstanding selection of construction equipment and millions of delighted clients. If you have any construction heavy equipment-related needs, please visit or call us at 689-256-4953 today.

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World-Class Services

We are engaged in designing and producing high-quality construction equipment. While providing tangibles, we also deal in delivering intangibles like solutions and services. You also have access to our wide selection of services, which help you save money and increase productivity, uptime, and safety. We provide a comprehensive range of services to make your company more efficient and lucrative. From finance services and machine leasing to re-manufacturing and operator training, we provide everything, tailored to your business.

Qualified Operators

All our equipment operators are highly qualified in their area of work. Their skills lead to enhanced productivity and they work tirelessly to contribute to grand building initiatives that showcase sustainability and assist create the world we want to live in. Our professionals keep upskilling themselves to be on top of their jobs.

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Prompt Filing

Thanks to our large and functional warehouse, we offer improved time to market and catalog replenishment. You can always count on us if you need spare parts for your construction heavy equipment. We can meet all your product demands within 24 hours. To discuss more, please visit our website or call us.

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Optimal Cost

The products that we develop and offer to our customers help in the reduction of co2 emission. Along with the added value and quality products that we provide to our customers, we make sure they are cost-effective and affordable. You can purchase all our construction heavy equipment at competitive prices today! For getting customized products, contact us and discuss the specifications that you seek.

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Quality and Reliability

The wide variety of machines the company offers guarantees that the customer has the precise equipment they want, which is the first step in the company's ability to provide dependable solutions. We are certain that we offer the highest-quality equipment on the market since we are innovative and continually push our limits. Our full-fledged Design and Development setup allows us to create products both independently and in collaboration. All our products are reliable since they go through quality checks at every step involved in the production to meet the predetermined industry standards.

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Discounts and offers

To enhance the customer experience and instill faith in them for our products, we continuously provide offers and other discounts. To our regular clients, we offer extended warranty or 5 to 10% discounts on each purchase. This also strengthens our relationship with customers through their life cycle experience.

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Payment Mode

If you buy products from us, you won’t have to worry about which payment of modes to pick since we offer many options for you to have a convenient and hassle-free experience. We deal in cash and online transaction. Other than that we also accept credit cards and checks. We are okay with however you want to pay us to avail of our efficient products and impeccable services.

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Latest technology

Our skilled team -- technicians, engineers, customer care staff, and any other departments always stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies. What we offer to our clients are the latest, energy-savvy innovative products that increase productivity and reduce cost. Throughout the course of our history, we have continuously created innovative solutions for improved fuel effectiveness, higher safety, improved efficiency, and a more cozy working atmosphere for operators.

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Customer Support

Our talented staff and 24/7 customer care executives assist you and guide you throughout your buying journey with us. You can get all your queries addressed by getting in touch with them at your own convenient time. Our professionals are experienced, skilled, friendly and helpful. Our comprehensive range of support solutions also includes full maintenance contracts, annual maintenance contracts, and maximize the returns of the customer’s investment by optimizing equipment utilization.

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Our Products


We are widely known for our product range that optimizes efficiency and maximizes profitability of our clients and customers. Browse through our construction heavy equipment and pick the right option for you. If you are unable to come to a conclusion or make a decision for yourself, kindly reach out to our customer care staff at 689-256-4953. Our professionals will walk you through our products, explain the specifications and help you make an informed decision.

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Why Choose Us?

No matter what tool you are looking for to meet your construction-related goal, you can always count on us and our extensive selection of goods and services to get the job done efficiently. We are aware that malfunctioning equipment reduces the productivity of your employees and costs you money and time. To keep your staff working effectively, we guarantee to address equipment service issues right away. Customer satisfaction is always preserved to the best degree possible by our thoroughly qualified technical and sales team. We provide consumers with cutting-edge, dependable, and best-in-class equipment and support solutions. Discover the benefits of choosing us here!

Easy to rent

We don’t just manufacture and supply top-notch products, we also offer them for rental purposes. From aerial lifts to floor sanders, we provide a broad variety of rental tools and equipment. Our extensive sales inventory essentially makes us a one-stop contractor supplier. To know more, get in touch today!

Professional team

Our team of skilled and professional personnel makes sure all your expectations and demands are being met. They put customer satisfaction at the highest level possible at all times. We just don’t want one-time buyers, so with our exceptional customer services and outstanding products, we win hearts and create loyal customers who choose us and keep coming back to us, year after year. We build long-term relationships with mutual respect for each other’s work.

Easy Pickup

If you choose us for all your construction tool-related needs, we will make sure your experience is worth and you get products that are valued for money. Once you place an order on our website, our inventory will become immediately available for pickup. Whenever you decide to take away the order yourself, please, feel free to take advantage of our free customer parking facilities. It will be a seamless and user-friendly experience for you.


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